As well as pastoring a church, I have a passion for theology both in academic and non-academic settings. I am involved in teaching and course design for the Project:Vienna bible school, where we aim to provide a gap year program introducing students to the idea of thinking theologically. Alongside that I am also involved in more formal academic research and study, currently pursuing an MRes in Biblical Interpretation.

I am currently pursuing a Master of Research (MRes) at the University of Wales Trinity St David, where I am interested in the early Karl Barth's theological lectures. More generally, my research interests include the history of doctrine, theological readings of scripture, baptist ecclesiologies and identities, and German language theology in the early 20th Century.

In more informal settings, through my work in Project:Vienna and the Baptist Union of Austria's youth department, I am interested in how to teach young Christian disciples to think theologically and to be self-sufficient, curious readers of Scripture. I am particularly interested in how to encourage the virtues of generous and patient reading, theological discussion with opposing viewpoints and how young people think theologically about their life experiences.


Conference Papers

Bunce, David, ‘The Theological Virtue of Patience in Church Life’ (presented at the Theology Live 2019, Bloomsbury Baptist Church, 2019)

Research projects

Bunce, David, ‘Geduld im pastoralen Dienst’ (unpublished Vikariatsarbeit, Bund der Baptistengemeinden in Österreich, 2018)

Book Reviews

Bunce, David, review of Freedom under the Word: Karl Barth’s Theological Exegesis, by Martin Westerholm and Ben Rhodes, Regent’s Reviews, 11.1 (2019), 5–7

Taught classes

Classes taught in the context of Project:Vienna:

Academic CV

MRes Biblical Interpretation (University of Wales Trinity St David, 2019 – 2022 [expected])

I am beginning an MRes through the University of Wales Trinity St David. I will be researching Karl Barth’s theological exegesis during the 1920s.

MA German and Theological Studies (University of St Andrews, 2009 – 2014)

I graduated in 2014 from the University of St Andrews with a MA Hons (First Class) degree in German and Theological Studies. My dissertation focused on the early Karl Barth as a reader of the historical tradition, using the extra calvinisticum as a case study. My Honours modules in theology focussed on historical theology, liturgy and homiletics. In German, I focussed on medieval German (especially around issues of the body), the politics of language in the DDR, the reception and translation of Shakespeare in Germany, and the tradition of heroism in German literature.

University of St Andrews Academic Prizes

During my time at St Andrews I did a year abroad in Vienna, where I worked as an English Language Teaching Assistant through the British Council, and also served as an intern in projekt:gemeinde